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Glam on the Go!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Glam on the go-Birthday Addition

I had the most amazing and low-key birthday weekend. It was truly what we call a "staycation". One of my friends flew down to celebrate with me so it turned into a girl's weekend as well! what did we do? EVERYTHING!

First up was brunch at Brassica located inside the Waldorf Astoria. Great atmosphere, delicious food and top tier service.

Next, shopping at Lenox Mall in Buckhead, Georgia. stopped by the Louis Vuitton store and took a candid photo (that's about all) lol!

I checked into the hotel around 3ish Hotel Colee (formally known as W-Buckhead). The stylish decor I've seen in a while inside a hotel. The bathroom was fabulous, and the lighting was eclectic and unique.

After a quick nap, I got dressed and headed to New York Prime Restaurant. The ambiance was really nice however I was not a fan of the steak.

Lastly, I stopped by Opium Lounge for a friend's birthday party, it was a fun environment, great music and a must go to in the city of Atlanta!

WHAT DID I WEAR? During the day I wore a sexy and affordable orange maxi dress, and I loved it! It has the perfect cut-outs, not exposing too much, shoulder pads gave it a structured look and the splits did it for me! It was very comfortable. You can grab this chic dress using my Amazon link HERE!


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